About Soulful Nectar

Soulful Nectar is an upcoming, luxury self-love boutique.

We carry a plethora of handcrafted items created in small batches to assist with boosting your self-care regimen. All of our skin-loving ingredients and botanicals were hand selected for their properties and effects on the skin. Each and every body butter, salt, candle, and scrub is made with care and poured with love.

We are fond of peaceful days full of pampering, engaging with and admiring the beauty of nature as it surrounds us, and embracing our creative spark through various expressive outlets. We really care about spreading the truth about self-love and self-care, helping others know that putting themselves first is not selfish, and embracing individuality in a world full of copying and pasting.

The Self-Love Journal, that is written and published by Montana LaFleur, focuses on relearning who you are and immersing yourself in self-love. It's packed full of exercises and affirmations to assist you on your journey to self-love... and guess what? It is exclusively available here! 

So, with looking your best with Soulful Nectar: Soulful Skyn, you can also feel your best on the inside and the outside with our other Self-Love products!

Here focus on the need to create superpowers. Each and every person has something special about them & that is their superpower. Through loving oneself, you find your superpower. No, I'm not saying we can help you fly. But we plan & encourage you to find the strengths within yourself and build on them.. To learn your soul's passion and purpose.. that can send you soaring to higher heights. (figuratively that is)


Soulful Nectar: Sweet Nectar that Drips from the Soul


Our Story

Soulful Nectar was founded by Erin LaFleur in 2020. Erin is a multi-faceted young mother who wanted to put her talents to good use. She is known as a Jane of all Trades to those in her life. She loves to create things that uplift and bring beauty to the world! 

Soulful Nectar stated as a Clothing Company. Erin went through a tough time in her life as COVID struck the world. She endured a toxic relationship, employment struggles, depression, stress, & family related issues. She knew that she needed to regain balance within her life. 

One day she woke up and realized that she had overextended herself. She gave energy to her job, working extra hours and taking on more projects than she could mentally stand. She gave her energy to relationships that were toxic and emotionally crippling and friendships that were one-sided and draining. She gave to her family and though the best part of her life, she was doing it all by herself. She came to the realization that with giving to all those other outlets, she was neglecting herself. 

She stopped one day and took an inventory of he life. Her heart was broken and she was tired; mentally, physically, & emotionally. And she said to herself, 'There is only one you... and who is taking care of you?' 

In that very instance, she knew that something must change. She made a conscious decision, that since she knew better, she'd do better. She began to set boundaries with her time and her energy. She knew that she used to help those that were close to her without a second thought. She knew that she would bend and twist to try to hold on to relationships that proved toxic in the name of 'love'. She knew that she could no longer jump when her boss said how high. She knew that she was a single mother and all of the stress and strife (as well as the amazing motherly moments) of parenthood fell on her shoulders. With everything she was giving from herself to outside sources, she was not able to find the time nor residual energy to replenish herself. Erin knew if she was going through this, there had to be others.

In 2021 Soulful Nectar was re-born and transformed into a Self-Love Boutique. Erin felt as though she deserved luxury in her life. She then harnessed her creativity to create body care products with high end ingredients that pamper the skin and leave your feeling relaxed. She began to take time to release negative trauma and emotions and get to the root of her emotional and mental issues, thus giving birth to 'The Self-Love Journal'. Erin learned how to take time out in her family situations to make sure she was caring for herself, yet still able to be a feminine and nurturing mother.

She found balance again.

Erin actively chose to create things from her pain and mental anguish that helped others transform and blossom from over-giving and people pleasing to genuinely loving themselves. 

Erin, is me... I challenge you today to let go of control. To take an inventory of your life, truly comb through your existence. To find what makes YOU happy. Not happiness in things or others, But happiness that only YOU can create. If they want to stay in your life, they will put in the work to maintain a healthy connection. If it is meant for you, it will not drain you and leave you depleted. If it is truly love, it will pour back into your cup and won't leave you empty. It may be hard, it may hurt. But, it is time to put yourself first.

I challenge you to love yourself. The world only has ONE you!