A Night to Remember..
A Night to Remember..
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A Night to Remember..

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In this installment of the Black Love & Passion: Madd & Sha Series; We meet the illustrious, Sha’ir and her husband, Maddox Moses.

They are both artists in their own right.

Sha’ir is being recognized & receiving accolades at the Designer’s Ball for her newest design collections. Little does she know, appreciation is balanced all around her.

As the two prep for the event that evening, Maddox tries to take her jitters away by taking some hot & steamy turns that will surely keep you at attention. Even though Maddox calls an audible in the evening’s game plan and Sha’ir has a couple plays of her own, the fiery couple still meets every deadline with style.

Even with the heat of passion whittling away at their prep time, Sha & her king still make it to the finish line, the red carpet rather, right on time.

Follow along as these two infuse passion & romance into every aspect of their days together. Become immersed in the lives of both Maddox and Sha’ir as you dive into their connection from either perspective.

Stay tuned to take an inside look at the Love & Passion these two have cultivated over the years, in the installments to come in this HOT & HEAVY romance series!

A lot More is DEFINITELY on the horizon...

One Love..

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